non candy halloween treats

Ten Ideas For Non Candy Halloween Treats

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I never knew food allergies were a thing until I was educated on it after finding out my niece had Celiac disease, along with other food sensitivities. I remember one particular time at a birthday party (for whom I cannot remember) where the host served cake. The host, unknowingly I’m sure, served good old regular chocolate cake. I remember watching as people gleefully grabbed their plate and dug into that chocolate goodness and then, I saw her. My nieces button nose and big green eyes peaking right above the table, watching that guest take every … single… bite. I felt terrible for her! A kid, at a birthday, with no cake! It was an atrocity. So I made sure the next time we had a family gathering to go out of my way to bring food allergy friendly cookies.

Now I realize there are many more store bought options for desserts than there used to be but it’s still limited compared to the world of “traditional” desserts. I think I ended up getting some Enjoy Life brand cookies and playfully nicknamed them the imaginary cookies because I have no idea how they make them taste so good with such minimal ingredients.

Any who after reminiscing about this and thinking about Halloween coming up. I thought maybe it’d be wise to compile a list of non sugary, non food allergy prone “treats.” This doesn’t mean I’m doing away with all candy all together- I mean, if I’m being honest, I’m hoping for some left over Reese’s cups that my husband and I can snatch and share! But it’s nice for people to have options, and it’s good to be kind. So here’s the list- here’s to a Witchin’ Halloween!

Glow Sticks

Because, quite frankly, who doesn’t love to party!


In my house- stickers are king. They can entertain my kids for hours, all while landing on my counters…and my windows…and my tables, and the list goes on.

Pencils & Erasers

Always useful and there’s some adorable designs available that kids will love


Pretty sure this doesn’t require any explanation other than…kids LOVE bubbles.


This is a great option for sensory disorders and letting kids explore their creative side


Just cause they’re freaking awesome!


Another fun way to let out those creative skills

Silly Straws

Instantly adds cool factor to a little person’s drink (ahem or a mother whose had a long day)

Vampire Teeth

Eh blah blah blahhh” I vant to suck your blood.” They’re just super entertaining to talk with. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried them yourselves!

Punch Balloons

As a mother of boys (I’m sure girls too) there is nothing, NOTHING more entertaining than punching an air filled piece of latex. Who knew!

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non candy halloween treats

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