20 Min Pick Up

This quote always makes me laugh because it’s so true. I love having a spotless, organized house, but with 6 people (and a dog), it doesn’t stay like that for long!

When my house is all cleaned up I can feel my stress level go down! At our house we try to do what I call a “20 min pickup”. We may do this once a week or 3 times a week depending on our schedule or if I am feeling overwhelmed.

With a 20 min pickup everyone gets involved…even my youngest loves to help! I will typically assign each person a task, set the timer for 20 min, turn on some praise and worship music and say, “GO!”

Here is an example of what our 20 min pickup looks like: One person may go around and pick up anything in the floor and put it where it goes. Another may get all the trash in the house together and take it out. Someone else may tackle the dishwasher/ kitchen island and so on. You can choose any chore you want! With everyone jumping in and helping it doesn’t feel like all the work is on one person and 20 min goes by fast and the house always looks better!

I want to go back to my youngest helping. You would be surprised how much little kids love to help! They can unload the forks/spoons from the dishwasher, use the handheld vacuum (which is one of my favorite cleaning items in my house) to vacuum around the couch/ under cabinets. Also, they will feel like a big kid if you give them the duster! Ha. Check out the handheld vacuum we have by clicking this Amazon link -> Black + Decker Dustbuster

I know this is nothing mind blowing. This is what our family does to keep up with the annoying house work that always needs done and hope that it can be a help to you!


One response to “20 Min Pick Up”

  1. My mom used to do something like this, but she would have us all pick up 10 items and put them away… then 5 more…then 3 lol Of course you always have the kid that pours out a container of something and just puts those items back, but they usually got caught lol


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