This week my husband and I celebrated being married for fifteen years! I still remember all the details like it was yesterday…the dress, the church, my dad walking me down the aisle, the look on David’s face when he saw me, saying our vows, the kiss. It was one of the best days of my life.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. During one of the prayers he leaned over to kiss my forehead. I had no idea the photographer had taken this picture but I am so glad that she did.

A few weeks ago we were throwing around some ideas on what to do for our anniversary. We usually take a little short trip somewhere close by and even talked about visiting a new place this year. I had an idea for something different, but was not sure he would go for it. I have been wanting to remodel my kitchen for a while now. I thought what if we get someone to keep the kids and the dog, we could stay home and remodel the kitchen together! So, I waited for the perfect timing and brought up the idea…and he said yes! I was so excited. I showed him a picture of exactly what I wanted and he made it happen. We spent two and a half days cleaning out, sanding cabinets, adding some wood work to the island, lots of painting, adding handles, laughing together, reminiscing about the past and making plans for the future.

As excited as I was to remodel the kitchen, I was just excited to spend time with just him. With four boys and crazy work/school schedules it can be hard to find time to talk. Spending undistracted, one on one time is so important for any healthy relationship to grow. You may not always be able to afford to take a trip, remodel part of the house, or anything like that, but you must make time for each other to keep your marriage strong. If you can, take a trip once a year together, go on a date night every now and then, or make time for just a coffee date. Goodness we have even just gone grocery shopping without the kids to make it happen but you must make your spouse a priority! We are definitely not perfect, but with God as the center of our marriage and putting each other first, we make a pretty amazing team and there is no one else I would rather do this life with!

Fifteen years later and he is still my favorite person. I cannot wait to see where the next fifteen years take us!


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