abc's for boys

ABC's for Boys

Struggling to get your son excited to learn their letters? Check out this fun ABC’s for boys technique that will have them singing the alphabet in no time!

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Just a quick note – this can absolutely be used for boys AND girls! Now that that’s out of the way…

 I think it’s fair to say that this year has been … unique. Our world has been turned upside down and everything we knew has been thrown out the window, especially when it comes to traditional learning. I was so ready for my oldest to enter Kindergarten.  We would have the coveted first day of school pic, he’d love his teacher, he would happily hop on the bus each morning to see his new friends while learning new knowledge and mama would get a little more freedom for herself. Well… like I mentioned earlier, this year is not exactly going as planned. Can you relate mama? 

So here I am, suddenly taking on the role of Kindergarten teacher, (which by the way, actual teachers… thank you so SO much for everything you do!) and I was struggling to get my son excited for his ABC’s! I needed to figure out something to get him on board. I needed to figure out his alphabet love language. So here is what I came up with and never, ever has my son been more thrilled to learn the alphabet. This was something he was into. Something he could relate to.  

So if you are struggling to get your boy excited about his letters, I hope this will help. Feel free to change the characters to ones they are familiar with or use the ones on this board. Either way, happy at home teaching! 

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Poster Board
  • Glue Stick ( You can use Elmer’s glue but it does not turn out as pretty!) 
  • Printer
  • Scissors


Find characters that your son is familiar with and loves and match them to the letters of the alphabet. Swap out A for apple and instead use A for Astroboy. Once you do that you can either write out the letter or print out each letter along with the designated character. 

Quick Tips:

Make sure the pictures of the characters are not too large so you can fit all 26 letters and characters. 

Ensure you have enough colored ink so you don’t run out mid project.

Also, learn from my mistake, make sure not to glue anything in place until you have laid everything out to make sure it all fits! 

So, that’s it. It’s pretty simple but really effective and makes it easy for kids to relate their favorite characters to the letters! If you’re looking for some great resources for remote learning, check out this post that lists my top picks for the best online learning tools! Check back soon, as I will be adding fun learning activities more often! Leave a comment below to share your favorite tips on teaching ABC’s.


Check out this awesome Ninja Turtle ABC video from Barber Brilliance Academy. It has my boys dancing around the living room like little alphabet machines! 

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abc's for boys

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