boys bedroom ideas

Americana Themed Boys Bedroom

Looking for some little boy bedroom inspiration? Proudly celebrate red, white and blue with this Americana themed bedroom decor. 

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My husband spent weeks designing this built in bunk for my boys. Let me start by saying my boys are RAMBUNCTIOUS, so it was imperative that the design was safe and nobody would go rolling off the top from a Wrestlemania match. 

Because of this we decided to add the bars across the top for an industrial touch, along with the arch to add some traditional design. 

We added a spiral staircase for dual purposes. For safety and also just because it’s cool! The number one question I get is “how do you change the sheets?!” The staircase is actually plenty roomy enough to shimmy on up and change whatever I need. 

Side note: our sweet Gigi sewed the boys anchor pillow cases with their names embroidered on them. It adds a perfect touch!

We also thought it was necessary to have additional lighting inside the beds in case one boy woke up and we didn’t want to disrupt the other. So we decided to wire in florescent lights and used colored gels to give it a blue tint (we tried red but it was just creepy!) 

The bars can easily be removed if we ever needed to remove the mattress and replace it. 


americana themed boys bedroom

As for the furniture, it was actually mine growing up, but we decided to put a spin on it by adding blue paint and giving it a beat up look. We knew the boys would give it a run for it’s money so it was a natural fit. 

The lighthouses were decorations from my baby shower and the shelf and anchor were purchased from Home Goods. 

boys bedroom ideas

And last but not least, the flag. When my husband and I moved into our home we removed over 60 trees in our backyard. It was essential to bringing in some sunshine and nursing the lawn back to life (don’t worry there’s PLENTY more left!) We had all these logs and wanted to do something cool with them!

We knew we wanted to do a nautical/Americana theme in the boys room, so after brain storming one night we came up with the idea of creating a flag that would have different sized logs and would create a 3D wave affect. This is the result! 

My husband measured and cut every log and I strategically placed them and glued them down. Then we spent hours measuring and perfecting a stencil that we used to paint the design in a wave pattern. The stars and anchors came last and I can assure you was no walk in the park. 

I’m so proud of the way it turned out though! I actually used the flag to teach the boys their first colors, red, white and blue of course!

americana themed boys bedroom
americana themed boys bedroom

I hope this inspires you to explore your inner Joanna Gaines! Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts! 

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