The Best Toddler Floaties

The Best Toddler Floaties

Safety first! If swimming with your toddler is on your summer to do list, make sure you check out this list of the best toddler floaties to keep them safe.

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Puddle Jumpers

By far one of the most popular floatie devices. The design on these are amazing with the fact that they provide arm floats as well as a chest strap to keep your kid’s face above the water. My boys love them because of how comfortable they are. This one will definitely give you and your toddler peace of mind.

Life Jacket with Under Strap

A life vest is absolutely essential if you plan on any boating activities with your child. This design is great because it’s less bulky and gives your child more freedom to move. It also provides an understrap so if anything were to ever happen, the strap will ensure your child won’t be able to slip out of the jacket. It’s also super important that you choose one that is U.S Coast Guard approved.

Water Wings

If your kid is just on the cusp of learning to swim and gaining confidence, water wings might be a great option for them. These arm floaties are great because they’re lightweight, easy to travel with and scratch free. Plus they’re adorable!

Tot Swim Trainer

This is another really good option for kids that are ready to start swimming. This particular design helps keep their chin above water and is super comfortable to wear because of the flexible material. Plus it comes with the understrap to ensure it doesn’t slip off.

Inflatable Float

What kid wouldn’t want to jam around the pool in an airplane! This cute little float has a steering wheel and even comes with a “horn.” And is suitable for kids up to 50 pounds.


Make sure you’re using a life vest you opt for a U.S Coast Guard approved design. Understand that there is a difference between a swim aid to help your toddler swim and a approved life jacket that will save your child’s life. 

With these floaties on, kids might become extra fearless in the water. That being said it’s so important to make sure their devices stay on at all times when near the water. 

Whichever of these options you choose, hands down the most beneficial thing is to teach your toddler to swim as early as possible. Get them accustomed to the water and let them become comfortable with the motion of swimming. Swim lessons are invaluable! This can create a lifetime of fun and incredible memories.

And absolutely most important, I feel like this is a no brainer but should be stated anyways… always supervise your little one while they’re in the water. Things can happen in a split second!


If you’re looking for more summer fun, make sure you check out “Beach Bag Must Haves.” Ok mamas, leave a comment down below and tell me, what are your favorite floaties devices for your toddlers? Because sharing is caring. Swim on my friends. Here’s to an awesome summer!

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the best toddler floaties

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