Today I was sitting on my back porch as my boys were exploring our yard. They have a tendency to explore the furthest corners of their backyard oasis, and not surprisingly, the areas that are quite frankly, straight up dirt. So as I was perusing through pinterest (No judging!) I heard an extraordinarily excited “MOM! I found a caterpillar!” If I’m being honest, I was very excited to see it, I mean, it was a great opportunity to explain to them how it would build a cocoon, and become a butterfly and plus those little boogers are so stinking cute when they inch on by. 

So I immediately got my tush up and shimmied to the back of the yard. Both boys were crouching down, overlooking their new discovery. Quite frankly it was adorable. Then as I got closer I realized two things, my boys were covered, and I mean covered in dirt from head to toe. I’m not even sure when that all happened! I was literally glancing at them every 60 seconds or so to make sure they were in one piece but I’m pretty sure they are Houdini incarnated. And the other thing I realized very quickly, and I mean VERY quickly, was they were not observing a caterpillar. No, no, it was in fact the world’s largest worm. And the reason why this realization happened so quickly was because as soon as I got close enough, my older son bounced up from the ground and dangled that sucker inches from my face. 

Now I am not normally one to get the hee bee jeebies over insects, (unless we’re talking spiders- those I have a REAL problem with) but having a wiggling worm that looked like something out of Tremors, dangling 2 inches from my face, that can definitely give you some uneasiness. After recovering from the minor shock I was in, I noticed one other thing. The sheer joy on my boy’s dirt covered faces. They thought it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen. They were so proud and I truly think they believed it was in fact a caterpillar. I assure you once I jumped back three feet I tried to explain that it was a worm but there was no convincing them at that point. I think we’ll have to reread the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar just a few more times. 

 They are the epitome of “all boy” and I would have it no other way. I guess there’s just some things in this gig that are going to cause my skin to crawl a bit, but there are others that will make my heart melt. And the sound of their laughter, that is definitely one of them that I will always remember.

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