family friendly summer items

Family Friendly Summer Items You Need In Your Life!

Summer is here and you and the kids are ready for some fun in the sun. Here is a list of items that should be on your must haves list!

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Yard Toss

Who does’nt love a little competition! Have this classic ring toss game on hand to entertain your guest and your place will be a big hit!

Waterproof Speaker

Whether having a small get together ( social distancing people… social distancing) or just chillin with the fam, music is always a must have. We’ve had this little beauty for a couple years now and it never lets us down! The quality is top notch. Snatch up one of these portable waterproof bad boys and you’ll always have your favorites tunes available at the drop of a hat.

Drink Tags

These little drinking buddies crack me up! These are great for labeling your cup to ensure no germs make their rounds and everybody keeps track of their cups. Plus they make a hilarious conversation piece.

Silverware Basket

Having some grub out on the porch? This little diddy will make transporting plates and utensils a breeze with it’s compact and stackable design. Definitely a must have for those open air meals that we all enjoy so much.

Outdoor String Lights

Lighting can make or break the vibe of a place. Make your own outdoor oasis with these awesome indoor/outdoor waterproof string lights that come with a remote control! And even better, mamas, they’re made of plastic! So no need to worry about your little person breaking the bulbs and shattering the glass.

Chilled Food Compartment

Keep your food chilled in this convenient condiment caddy. Gives you piece of mind that your party snacks won’t go sour in the steamy summer weather.

Glass Beverage Pitcher

Keep your people refreshed with these glass mason jar drink dispensers. I actually keep one on my counter filled with water all the time just because it’s so pretty. You can use one or both to give guests options but either way these dispensers are beautiful and give your party decor a little extra flare.

Cheese Board

Everyone needs a cheese board! It’s an easy go to for last minute snacks, while looking polished and like you’ve got your life together lol. And lord knows, us mamas need all the help we can get! I like this one because it has designated spots for everything and even has a little pull out drawer where the utensils are stored. That way everything stays together and nothing gets lost. It’s one less thing to scramble for when trying to lay out your snack smorgasbord.

Kids Protective Gear Set

With all this outdoor time, I imagine bike riding is part of the routine and if your boys are anything like mine then this protective gear set might come in handy. It ensures to protect knees, elbows and hands from scrapes and bruises and they come in a variety of colors.

Toddler Helmet

Don’t forget the sweet helmet to go along with those knee and elbow pads! 

Extra Towels

OK learn from my mistake. I had a party once and had a boat load of kids at my house. We had the sprinkler going and when it came time for cake I had multiple kids come up and ask for a towel. Only one problem. I had a limited amount and they were all… in … the … dryer (face palm to the head). Don’t be like me have extra towels on hand.

Fun Sprinkler

That being said… have a sprinkler or splash pad on hand. Kids LOVE it and it will keep them entertained for hours. You’re welcome.

Giant Tupperware Bowl

After having all that fun out in the sun, why not let the family refuel with some crisp watermelon.  This bowl is plenty large enough to store any fruit of your choice and it comes with an airtight lid to keep your foods fresh.

Reusable Straws

I like the idea of these reusable straws that are environmentally friendly. Plus they come in fun kid-friendly colors! Good for the turtles and the kids will love them. It’s a win/win!

I want to hear from you! What are you summer favorites that you must have on hand? Leave a comment below!

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family friendly summer items

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