Flooding Tantrums and Garage Doors

Flooding Tantrums & Garage Doors

So, my sweet husband let me sleep in yesterday, he really is a gem. However, he walked in the bedroom and calmly stated, “uhh where are all the towels? The boys flooded the bathroom.” Gah, the problem with this is, that it wasn’t the first time. My little one has a hankering for sneaking into the bathroom ninja style and running random objects under the water. Literally for…ever. He could sit there for a half an hour if he was allowed to and just run water over his matchbox cars. It’s incredible to me what entertains him. Plus he’s like Houdidini, you don’t even know he’s awake and the water is barely running so you can’t even hear him! 


The other unfortunate thing he has a tendency to do, is throw, usually the entire roll of toilet paper into the sink and watch it fill up. So let me paint the picture for you. I walk in, not only is water dripping through the drawers into my vanity onto the floor down the vents, but there are also tiny pieces of wet toilet paper EVERYWHERE. Luckily he stays clear of the toilet, thank GOD and doesn’t really monkey around much aside from running the water. 


Another really unfortunate part about this is that all the towels were inconveniently in the wash. Because, despite how hard I try, I can be somewhat of a slacker on the laundry. Hey, we all have our flaws. So I get the water and enormous pile of toilet paper mush cleaned up just in time to get my oldest in the car to go to school and…. The garage door won’t open. Usually I’d be like eh, it’s cool but I literally couldn’t get my car out. I ended up standing on my tippy toes on our golf cart and tinkering with the control box until I apparently wiggled the correct wire and managed to start it back up. Allowing me just enough time to get my car out and get it closed before it shuts off again. I should probably have that checked. 


So we get to school and my son does…not…want to go. I’m talking full fledged throw himself on the floor tantrum, how he wants to go home and wants his coat zipped up? I mean, toddlers, you’ve got to love them. I have to be honest, I was slightly embarrassed at first with all the other moms looking over, but then I thought to myself, don’t you judge me! I know every single one of them has been in the same boat as me at least one time or another. So I managed to carry him in through the doors and handed him off to his teacher, who is absolutely wonderful. She assured me, everything will be fine and he just needs to get adjusted. Sure enough, I get back to pick him up a couple hours later and I’m told he was perfectly fine within a minute of me leaving. For real?! 


He was throwing himself on the ground and putting me through the ringer and it took him sixty seconds to recover? It took me the entire two and a half hours he was at school, to continue to be worried if he was emotionally ok or if there were demons coming out of him. And it took him a mere sixty seconds. 


The next part of the day was surprisingly calm, but who am I kidding, they got shipped off to grandma’s house so I could get some housework done. So the rest of my day was inevitably calm. It was a very nice break considering the morning. It’s always an adventure though. Now I just have to get the garage fixed and find a reasonable hiding place for the toilet paper and I think I might be back in business. 

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