fun activities to do with toddlers in the winter

Fun Indoor Activities To Do In Winter

Keeping your kids occupied in the winter months can be somewhat of a challenge. All that energy from being cooped up can create a recipe for pandemonium and a mama that’s ready to pull her hair out. It’s a necessity to have some fun indoor activities in your back pocket to keep the household sanity in check. 

As my boys get older they definitely require a lot more stimulation and movement to keep them happy. So, I had to get creative with ways to entertain them. I started experimenting to see what they really enjoyed and kept their attention and luckily, quite a few of them did the trick.  Here’s my list of fun indoor activities to do in winter. 

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Shape Color Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a fun little activity that is easy, cheap and entertaining. This is the way I put it together but feel free to tweak it any way you please. I took a piece of white poster board and used 5 different colored markers to draw 5 different shapes. Then the directions are, for each boys to find something throughout the house that is the corresponding color and place it inside the shape, while naming the color and shape they are placing it in. The first one to find all the corresponding items and name the shapes and colors correctly, gets a “treat” (aka a lollipop and who am I kidding, they both get lollipops). They love it, it keeps them occupied and it’s nice and easy.

Build a Fort

Who doesn’t love an indoor fort!? My husband gets super creative on this and pulls out all the stops for the boys. I had to take a lessons and up my game. So go ahead and use anything you’ve got. Pull up the tables and chairs and be generous with the blankets. We sometimes even utilize the couch cushions (but be forewarned, this can be tricky because then the boys get used to pulling the cushions off for no good reason). Then go ahead and fill it up with pillows, invite their favorite stuffed animals, bring out the flashlights and tell your favorite stories. 

This keeps my kids occupied for hours, until of course, it’s time for demolition. Which I’m convinced, is my boys main goal in life at this point. It’s fun, and it’s actually pretty useful in helping with building skills.

fun indoor toddler activities

Bake Some Cookies​

This can become a family favorite and (score!) you get to reap the tasty sugary rewards in the end. You can opt to go the prepackaged route and let the kids arrange the cookies on the cooking sheet or you can be brave, and let them help measure out the ingredients. Really letting them get their hands dirty. I actually like this route because it helps teach them measurements, cooking skills and patience. Which if you’re kids are anything like mine, it’s a slowwwww learning process. Luckily telling them there’s cookies at the end of the process is good bribery for patience.

Have a Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a party!? One of my favorite memories consist of turning on the bluetooth speaker, blaring the Despicable Me soundtrack and watching the boys rock out. We’ve built on it since then, by adding music videos (kid friendly of course) and turning down the lights and utilizing flashlights or glow sticks. My little guys LOVE doing this and it certainly gets their energy out.

Bubble Wrap Runway

It does not get any more hilarious than this. Just roll out some of the big bubble wrap and prepare to be entertained. No more explanation needed.

Go Fishing in the Tub

I actually just discovered this one and I think it’s the cutest idea. Fill up the tub (throw in a blue bath bomb for a fun effect!) use the toy fishing rods and throw some plastic fish and let your kids go to town. Be prepared for splashing but it really is adorable to watch them go “fishing”

Puppet Show

Good old fashioned fun, puppets are sure to let your kid’s imagination go wild. Use either store bought characters or get really creative and use old socks and make your own characters! Pick a theme and get ready to put on a show. You never know what they’re going to come up with but it’s sure to keep them occupied and it’s sure to be fun!

fun indoor toddler activities

Build a Lego Train Ship

While I have a love hate relationship with legos, they’re a fantastic tool to bring out creativity and to occupy my boys for hours. I like to bring these out on rainy or really cold days when playing outside isn’t an option. My plan was to keep these in our back sunroom where they would stay contained BUT that’s not exactly the case (I frequently find these little blocks of terror hiding throughout my house, just waiting for me to step on them).

We were actually gifted 3 tupperware bins (yes you read that correctly) of legos. While this was so very generous of my husband’s coworker, it also presents a conundrum, because there is no way to possibly to put together the pieces in the designated set. There’s just way...too… many. So, we use our imagination and get crackin to build our own designs. My boys come up with the most extravagant monster truck planes and train ships you've ever seen. If I’m being honest, I hate legos, but my kids love them and if they’re happy, then I’m happy.

Indoor Obstacle Course

This is hands down my boys favorite indoor activity. You know above when I said I used the couch cushions for building fortresses, yeah I do that for obstacle courses too. We like to remove cushions and set them far enough apart to jump on them (kind of like a hopscotch) but close enough where they don’t fall. Then we add a lap around the dining table and run back to get in “line.” The exciting part about this one is that it is completely customizable to whatever your space allows! You can also add painting tape to the floor to add some extra obstacles or even have an object the littles can crawl under. Whatever you do, it will be fun, and I say this with experience, that this will be active enough that they will crash come bedtime.

So here’s to surviving the winter months.. I hope this indoor activity guide helps give you some ideas to keep your little ones entertained.

  • Shape Scavenger Hunt
  • Build a Fort
  • Bake Some Cookies
  • Have a Dance Party
  • Bubble Wrap Runway
  • Go Fishing in the Tub
  • Puppet Shows
  • Build a Lego Train Ship
  • Indoor Obstacle Course

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Indoor Toddler Activities for Winter

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  1. These are such sweet and different idea’s from the usual! Funny story, this week we discovered our youngest child is terrified of bubble wrap! He runs away whenever we get a package that has bubble wrap with it, and if you pop it near him he screams!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment- I really appreciate it! That’s too funny about the bubble wrap! Poor guy – once he realizes those packages might have toys in them maybe they won’t be as scary 🙂

  2. Such fun ideas! My four year old loves to make forts. We’ll have to try some of these other ones.

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