Review of Just One Dime

Full disclosure, I am an affiliate for this program, however I have gone through the membership and truly feel it is the best Amazon training course available. 

So, you want to sell on Amazon? Here’s my honest review of the JUST ONE DIME MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM and why this should be your go to training course. 

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My E-commerce Journey

It’s a mighty competitive industry with over 2.5 million sellers currently registered. I first stumbled upon the idea of selling on Amazon almost a year ago now. And I have to admit, I was intimidated by pretty much all of it. I loved the idea of becoming an e-commerce seller, but I was unsure where to start. So I did my due diligence and dove deep into Youtube to find as much free information as possible. I was somewhat skeptical whether this was right for me but after months of research, I was sold. 

So I signed up for an Amazon seller account and started picking out the “perfect” product. I had heard numerous pitches from gurus that were trying to sell anything and everything. I will not knock anyone but I just didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling from ANY of them and I honestly believed I could find all the applicable information and do it all on my own. I’m a competent and resourceful woman, and there was a lot of free information out there, so how hard could it be?

Time went on and I picked a product. Once at the shipping stage of my journey, I was at a loss and I had no one to ask for advice. International shipping is a tricky son of a gun. All I could do was google and Youtube for answers as I came across complications I never even knew existed. Have you ever heard the saying, you don’t know what you don’t know? That was me. There was so much I didn’t realize could become an issue and those free videos weren’t sharing any of it.

 So after a couple weeks of banging my head trying to figure the shipping options, I heed and hawed until I decided, I might actually have to consider looking for a course to offer more guidance. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest in a course, and I wasn’t sure if it was worth the cost. There are numerous courses at various price points and it’s hard to tell which are reputable and quite frankly, which ones are actually worth it. 

It's Time To Get Serious

I happen to stumble upon Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime’s videos on Youtube. They were free but provided an ENORMOUS amount of helpful information in comparison to other coaches. He seemed so passionate about teaching and excited for the journey and if he was willing to share this much information at no cost, then what was the course like?!

Because I’m insanely stubborn, I made the mistake of STILL just winging it through my entire first product launch. It was failing, and then I decided, that was it. Enough is enough. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. My gut told me to look further into the Just One Dime program and I am so thankful that I did! ​

Why Just One Dime?

The course is based off the idea that you can grow massive growth off of just one dime, hence the name. His personal story is very inspirational and you should be sure to read about it. The course itself is FULL of invaluable information that you cannot find elsewhere online. It provides 5 full courses that are then broken down into subcategories; START, FIND, BUILD, LAUNCH, AND GROW. So whether you’re wondering about how to set up an LLC, picking a product, shipping, listing terminology, launching or just keeping your customers happy, this course has you covered. 

There are over 200 step by step videos, 500 training slides, interactive quizzes to make sure you genuinely understand and are retaining what you are being taught, supplier suggestions, and product suggestions. This course also offers information not just based for the US but other worldwide Amazon markets as well. 

In case you have questions, there are 5 hours of weekly live group coaching with live Q&A, three 30 minute private mentor sessions (these are worth the value in itself!) and an AMAZING community of sellers who genuinely care about your success. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I went with my gut and pulled the trigger on joining this course.

After signing up, I was provided with a plethora of information such as; excel spreadsheets to be used when picking products and calculating profits, requirements for finding a winning product, what to look for in a supplier and much more. I was accepted into the private Facebook group where people provide inspirational success stories, along with questions and concerns to be addressed about selling on Amazon. One great thing about this, is that there is always knowledgeable people on there to answer your questions. Whether an experienced seller or a coach, your question will be answered. So even if you have utilized all of your coaching sessions, you still have the opportunity to receive the information you are seeking.

The program shows you which research tools are the best to provide you the most accurate information for picking a great product and genuinely sets you up for success. If you do stumble, the group helps you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on trucking along.

Seth himself is a busy guy but he always manages to welcome all new members and keep in touch on the facebook group. He provides so much valuable information in the training videos, and has a refreshingly positive but realistic outlook on the Amazon journey.

Wrapping It Up

After signing up for this course and implementing new practices learned, my sales immediately went up. I was able to successfully sell out of my first product and begin my second launch with a clean slate, doing everything in the order taught by Just One Dime.

Selling on Amazon, since joining Just One Dime, has been a completely different and extremely positive experience. It’s helped me understand the whole big picture of e-commerce sales. And honestly, this information could easily bleed into other business ventures as well. I would recommend this membership to anyone! In a world of gurus trying to make a quick buck, this course is genuine, supportive, and chock full of information you just won’t find anywhere else. If you are currently selling on Amazon or just contemplating the idea, you should DEFINITELY check out JUST ONE DIME

***If you are interested in exploring the retail arbitrage option, Just One Dime does also offer a course on this. I have not personally gone through that course but I have no doubt in mind mind that it is second to none. Here is the link for you to explore that option further. JUST ONE DIME RETAIL ARBITRAGE COURSE

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