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Life of Raising Boys

If you have kids, you know every day is a new adventure. But in the life of raising boys, you have NO idea whether that journey will be mud covered or wrestle filled. Raising boys is a life full of joy, snuggles, laughs, and let’s be honest, sometimes utter shock. 

 My husband and I knew we wanted to have kids close together and we had hoped for boys (however we would have been thrilled either way!). We were, in fact, blessed with two beautiful boys, 13 months apart. Man did we underestimate the work that would be cut out for us.

Kids in general can be rambunctious but my boys have a tendency to be off the charts rowdy. It’s an ongoing joke in our house that they cannot go a full 10 seconds without “transforming” into Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. If I’m being honest, they’ve only made it to three seconds. Some days are exhausting and there isn’t enough coffee in the world but I love being a boy mom. When my boys come up to me with their big eyes and squishy cheeks it melts my heart and I can’t imagine life any other way. 

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What is it Like to Raise Boys

Understand that every child is going to be different, but in our case my boys constantly give me a run for my money. They test my patience JUST to the brink before reeling me back with a “mommy, I love you” or “you’re so pretty.”  We recently put up our first Christmas tree since the boys were born. It was the first year I felt confident enough to decorate it and didn’t feel the boys would body slam it to the floor when my back was turned. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Now they didn’t knock the tree over, no, but they did use my ornaments for baseball practice while I took a 30 second bathroom break. It’s amazing how much damage they can do in a matter of seconds. 

I was furious. I obviously marched their little butts into timeout while I waited for my husband to get home so I could clean up the “shatterproof” glass ornaments. In the thick of it, my oldest looks at me and says “I’m sorry mommy, this makes my heart sad.” In that moment I realized, there was nothing malicious about what they did. Destruction is just in their DNA. So what is it like to raise little boys? It’s a messy, loud, comical filled journey with lots of chasing, cleaning, snuggling and referring.

What to Expect When Raising Boys

  • Laundry: lots and lots of laundry. Boys make a lot of messes and get into a lot of dirt covered situations.
  • Vehicle noises: I feel confident saying that my boys first goo goos and gaa gaas were actually chug a chug and vroom vrooms. If only you could hear them now.
  • They love rough and tumble: It’s as if they came out of the womb gearing up saying, ready, set, fight!
  • Farting is funny no matter what: does not matter when or where, farting always gets serious giggles.
  • Clothing is optional: No matter how hard you try, clothing will come off and be tossed on the floor, in a trail, to their final destination (usually in front of the TV).
  • They will eat you out of house and home: be ready for a serious grocery bill because there is no stopping them. For the life of me, I cannot figure out where all of the food goes! I think they store it all the way down to their toes.
  • You are their first love: they adore you no matter what, made up or low key, and they will most likely be sure to tell you, which leads me to my next item to expect.
  • They will melt your heart: there is nothing like the snuggles of your sweet boy. The bond between a mother and son have is indescribable.
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Tips for Success

  • First off, buy stock in laundry detergent. You will definitely get a return on your investment. All joking aside, raising boys is a roller coaster. Be willing to go with the flow. Try not to get too worked up when things get crazy and always remember how much your little guy loves you. Some other tips are;
  • Let your boy explore: be willing to let him test the boundaries a little bit so he can build bravery and confidence. Protecting him is good but if you want your child to grow up to be strong and productive he must have a little wiggle room to explore.
  • Give responsibilities: kids in general thrive on mimicking their parents and that includes chores and everyday tasks. Letting them help with yard work or other household duties is another way to help them learn responsibility and confidence.
  • Snuggle them: boys love snuggles! It shows them compassion and unconditional love.
  • Give them some boundaries: boys are going to wrestle, crash toys and use loud voices, but it’s good for them to know there is a time and place. It would be silly to think it’s realistic to use indoor voices and calm demeanor 100% of the time, but some boundaries here and there, sets them up for knowing what to expect. And that sets them up for success in other situations as well. 
  • Let them know it’s okay to show their emotions: I think it’s a societal idea that boys need to be tough all the time. While I do want my boys to grow up to be strong and confident men, I don’t think it’s necessary to push the idea that they aren’t allowed to ever be upset. I would argue it’s actually the opposite and that expressing the way they feel will propel them into becoming a successful adult.
  • Have a sense of humor: not much explanation other than you’re going to need it.

Common Questions About Raising Boys

  • Will my house ever be clean again?
    • The short answer is no, not for the next eighteen years. You will have a plethora of cars, trucks, (actually any sort of vehicle you can think of), robots, superheros and games everywhere you look. Enjoy it though because I can attest that it goes by really quick. I’m sure I will miss the mess when the house is empty and spotless after those eighteen years have gone by.
  • Is raising boys exhausting?
    • Absolutely! You will get MOM EXHAUSTION, you will be pushed to your wits end, and you will have numerous middle of the night wake up calls and bright and early mornings. They taunt each other and you will have to referee 24/7. I promise, it is worth every single second.
  • Are little boys always wild?
    • Yes, they definitely can be. Mine spend the day from the moment they open their big bright eyes at 5am to around 7:00 at night running wild. We implement “quiet time” midday but most of the time there’s no luck in that, I do get about an hour or so of snuggle time in the evening before bed. Boys are wiggle worms, and need to exert their energy. Let them, for their sanity as well as yours.
  • Are little boys really infatuated with their wee wees?
    • Yes , yes they are. This is something that made me very uncomfortable at first (hence the wee wee description as opposed to penis) but it’s just part of the gig. My boys proudly walk around the house naked as I chase after them trying to get them to at least put on underwear. I’ll never forget the day they realized they both had one and they continued to point and laugh at each other for about an hour. Apparently there’s a pride of it that is instilled at birth that I don’t think us women will ever understand.
  • Do boys destroy everything?
    • Yep, so be careful what you leave in arms reach. And then when you think you’ve got everything on lock, they’ll get creative and figure out a way to get whatever it is that’s out of reach. My boys break a lot of stuff, so make sure you purchase things to play with that are durable. Also one of the pluses of this, is that eventually they get interested in how to put it all back together and that’s when the magic happens.
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The Last Thing You Need to Know about Raising Boys

When raising boys, there will be unique challenges and amazing journeys. You will wake up every morning getting to see your sweet boy grow into an amazing human being while building a bond that will last a lifetime. It goes by quickly, so take a moment to remember each mud covered, giggled filled day and enjoy the wild ride.

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Raising Boys

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    1. I can definitely see that, a lot of my friends who have girls, have little barbie shoes and such at their houses. So many tiny toys!

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