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Self Care Ideas For Moms Who Need To Recharge

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest adventures you will ever go on, but it can also be one of the most exhausting journeys you will ever take. This is why taking care of yourself is so important for keeping a positive mindset! How will you ever be able to take care of tiny human beings when you feel drained yourself? It’s just not fair to you, to allow yourself to feel that way. If you feel like your on the brink of MOM EXHAUSTION (check out this post on the tell tale signs) then keep on scrolling for some self care ideas to get yourself recharged. 

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Ten Minutes of Quiet Coffee Time

Ah, the coveted early morning moment of silence, sipping on a cup of coffee. It sounds glorious doesn’t it! I know, I know, It also sounds impossible, or that would require you to get up before the kids. But hear me out. I don’t know about you, but my boys barrel through like a hurricane in the morning. There’s no gentle and easy wake up call in my household. That being said, it’s almost better for me to wake up to an alarm clock 15-20 minutes before the kids get up and allow myself time to ease into my morning, make a pot of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of silence. 

 Then… the boys can wake up with a bang but won’t be as shocking as catapulting myself out of a somber sleep from the sound of Bumblebee getting into an epic battle with a Decepticon. I might miss out on 15 minutes of sleep, but instead I gain a calm start to the day.

Night time Showers After Kids Are Asleep

I know this one intrudes on Netflix and chill time a little, BUT it’s so nice to be able to take a long hot shower and have time for yourself. No banging on the door asking for a fruit snack or fingers underneath the door yelling for “mommy.” Pure uninterrupted mom time. Afterwards cozy up in a nice comfy pair of pajamas or robe and then continue to get your Netflix on.

mom self care ideas

Schedule Date Night With Your Hubby

Keep your bond strong by making designated time with your man. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant but it’s so nice to sit down and feel like man and woman, instead of just mommy and daddy. Schedule designated time so you make it a priority. Not sure what to plan? Check out my post Eleven Inexpensive Date Ideas for some inspiration on what to do. Plus this gives you, mama, a time to get a little more dressed up and maybe even break out your dancing shoes!

Plan a Girl’s Night

Time with your girlfriend’s is so important for your sanity. Especially when you are a stay at home mom. It gives you the adult interaction we all crave, after watching 2571 episodes of Paw Patrol. It’s also nice to see a show of support from other like minded mamas who are in the same boat as you.

Take a Nap

There’s nothing like being refreshed from a nice long nap. Ask your husband to chill with the kids, send them to a friend’s house or shoot, send them to grandma’s house. Let your body sleep as long as it needs and wake up feeling like a whole new mommy.

Get Your Nails Did

I don’t know about you, butttttt getting my nails done makes me feel like a real life princess. Just the idea of sitting there, having someone pamper you and not being at home trying to pick up cookie crumbs off the floor, makes my heart happy (But for real I would never trade this job in for the world!) Maybe it’s not getting your nails that makes you feel this way, maybe it’s a massage, or a facial or taking a long run. Heck I don’t know, maybe it’s going to get a new tattoo, but whatever it is that makes YOUR heart happy, make some time for it because after all, keeping little people alive can be a stressful gig!

mom self care ideas

Take a Long Stroll Down a Target Aisle Near You

This one can be tricky because goodness knows, you walk in and they get you with that dollar section! You think you’re walking in to spend $20 and then you walk out not knowing where the $100 went. Poof, just gone! You can’t deny the amount of ridiculously adorable items they have though! It’s almost not even fair. Bringing it back on track from my Target tangent though, if there is somewhere you enjoy going to just aimlessly walk the aisles in peace, I say why not. It’s a good way to see some cool stuff, be around other human life, and allows you some quiet time out of the house.

Motherhood is amazing, but there’s no denying it can sometimes be tough. Allow yourself some time to be you and reset. Because a refreshed mama is a happy mama. And that means a happy household.

So tell me in the comments below, what are the things that let you breathe a breath of  fresh air and save your mommy sanity? I’d love to hear them!

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  2. I could use all of these! Having a nighttime shower is such a great idea. My showers are always so rushed.

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