rise and shine, from son up to son down


It was 5:04 am when my eyes opened to the sound of playful giggles coming from my boys room. The sun hadn’t even graced us with a single ray of sunshine before my boys escalated into full blown chaos, doing laps around our dining room table arguing over who would be in charge of the single… blue… lego. I managed to drag myself to the coffee machine and pour a cup of that magical liquid that I am highly contemplating asking my Dr. for, in the form of an IV drip. Just kidding… kind of. 

 I am the mother of two toddler boys, that happen to be 13 months apart. To say there is a high level of energy in our household is an understatement. My husband and I knew we wanted to try and have our children back to back, but it happened a little quicker than we had anticipated. You might be thinking, “well if you were trying, why wouldn’t you expect it to happen.” Our first go at it took quite a while, so we just weren’t sure a second would be in the cards for us. But here we are, we were blessed with two beautiful boys and could not be more thankful! 

Our days our filled with playing outside, an abundance of laughter and lots of hugs. Along with a fair share of trucks being driven over my head like a winding race track, creations being built out of blocks, only with the purpose to be destroyed and lots of wise cracks coming from miniature versions of my husband, because clearly, they didn’t get that from me. 

Any who, it was once sun started coming up that I thought, why not start sharing some of my experiences. I know that there are PLENTY of other moms out there, waking up at the crack of dawn, doing their best, trying to keep it all together.  So I’m here to share some struggles, joys, cool stuff I’ve learned along the way, and some stuff that has made my life a little easier. Maybe this is my way to reach out and connect. Maybe it’s just an outlet, or maybe a way to get the creative juices flowing. Either way, I’m very excited to chronicle this crazy mom career (and it certainly is a full time gig!). And hope you can be a part of my journey. 

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