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Signs You Are a Good Mom

The fact that you’re here means you’re already doing a great job. Your willingness to know whether you’re a good mom, means you care how you affect your children and that my friend, means you’re already an amazing mama.

A mother provides protection, discipline and unconditional love. An imperfect being that strides to do the best we can provide for our young.

We do these things on a day to day basis when we sometimes are at our wits end. Then we turn around and receive a giant hug from our children and instantly remember why this is the most rewarding job on the planet.

You may sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted. I know I do. There are days I’m desperate for a long hot shower and I can’t even describe the bliss of being able to dry and style my hair. But the fact is, we make sacrifices to put our kids needs first. To ensure they’re provided and cared for. So if that means a little less me time, so be it. So what are the signs you are a good mom?

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You Keep Them Safe

Odds are, if you’re reading this, you care enough to make sure your kids don’t choke on a grape of fall down a flight of stairs. Kudos to you for doing everything in your power to prevent broken bones or worse! I don’t know about you, but I feel like every stage has a unique new terrifying obstacle.

For example, when my son was a baby learning to walk, I was terrified he’d fall and hit his head. Then, he was a toddler climbing out of his crib. Next, climbing on park equipment, and then falling off a bike and so on. Shoot, sometimes I get nervous my boys will wrestle so rough they’ll end up slamming into a wall. SOMETIMES, I feel like a full time referee but that’s part of raising boys!

There’s always something, but our job is to keep them as safe as possible without physically wrapping them in bubble wrap (which honestly has crossed my mind a time or two). As long as you’re attempting to make sure your kids are safe and healthy, you’re probably on the up and up.

You Show Unconditional Love

Sometimes kids can be.... difficult. We all know this. Like maybe, they throw themselves on the floor and flail violently because they want soap from the imaginary “Christmas tree soap dispenser” and not the Santa one. Or possibly they will... not... go... to sleep ( I’ll give you a wild guess what I’m currently dealing with).

But we love them anyways. Even when they drive us mad! Because all those times they push us right to the edge of our limit, they real us back in with a giant hug and say “I love you mommy.” And who can resist that!

You Discipline Them

They may not like it, but disciplining them is for their own good. It helps set them up for success later on in life and even though you may feel like a mean mama for a moment, in the long run, you’re a good mom.


I sometimes feel like maybe I’m too hard on my boys, and then other times not strict enough. I don’t know what the right answer is but I know I have to go with my gut. And hopefully the attempt will lead to them being good upstanding members of society, who also feel loved and appreciated. And after all, that is the goal.

You Let Them Fail So They Can Grow

Letting children explore is one way to know you’re doing a good job. Sheltering then from failure or disappointment can honestly be tempting sometimes, but deep down, we know it’s not fair to them. Kids have to have the opportunity to experiment and learn some things on their own so they can learn from their mistakes.


Now I’m not saying let them do anything detrimental to their well being or hurt their entire future but allowing them to fail on minor instances will help them appreciate hard work and understand that life has consequences. Maybe they don’t take care of their toys, so in return it gets taken away. Or they don’t want to help clean up their room and then they lose their lollipop privileges. These are obviously VERY minor failures but you catch my drift.


We can’t shelter them from everything or pretend that we can alter outcomes for their entire life. It’s just not realistic. So even though it might be hard to see the consequences, letting them make mistakes actually shows you care.

You Let Them Explore Their Imagination

You give them the tools to explore their creativity and be themselves. This definitely shows your a good mother because you’re allowing them to grow on their own terms (with guidance of course!) This gives them the chance to grow and thrive in a loving environment to become a confident person. And confident people are happy people, and goodness knows we need more happy people in this world!

So you came here wondering whether you are doing a good job. While there is no “how to be a good mom” book (although I wish there were!) there are some signs that you’re on the right track. There is also absolutely no such thing as a perfect mom. We are all on a journey trying to figure out this whole mom gig, and experimenting on what is best for our families. You do you, mama! My ideas might vary from yours, or maybe they are exactly the same. What I know is this. You’re reading this because you care enough to know whether your doing a good job- and that right there says it all.

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signs of a good mom

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