it's been a minute

It's Been a Minute...

2020 has been a wild ride but I've missed you and am looking forward to the next chapter.

time change

Time Changing Tantrums

Time changes can throw a real wrench in a little person's routine. Here's a glimpse into our morning adventures while trying to adapt to the time change.

Flooding Tantrums and Garage Doors

Flooding Tantrums and Garage Doors

A saga of our early morning adventures with bathroom flooding, garage door difficulties and toddler tantrums.

Great Wolf Lodge Experience

We Hit the Road Jack & We Ain't Coming Back

Just kidding, I missed my husband like hell so I was certainly excited to make my way on home with my kids. So we spent four days in the Wisconsin Dells at the Great Wolf Lodge with grandma and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. 


Caterpillars & Wiggle Worms

Today I was sitting on my back porch as my boys were exploring our yard. They have a tendency to explore the furthest corners of their backyard oasis, and not surprisingly, the areas that are quite frankly, straight up dirt. So as I was perusing through pinterest (No judging!) I heard an extraordinarily excited “MOM!

rise and shine, from son up to son down

Rise & Shine

It was 5:04 am when my eyes opened to the sound of playful giggles coming from my boys room. The sun hadn’t even graced us with a single ray of sunshine before my boys escalated into full blown chaos, doing laps around our dining room table arguing over who would be in charge of the single… blue… lego. I managed to drag myself to the coffee machine and pour a cup of that magical liquid that I am highly contemplating asking my Dr. for, in the form of an IV drip. Just kidding… kind of.