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The Best Remote Learning Sites for Kids

Hey mamas. Are you looking for some awesome remote learning resources for your child? I wanted to take some stress off your shoulders, so I put together a list of the best remote learning tools for Pre-K and Kindergarten in one jam-packed post to make your day a little easier. 

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It’s been an interesting ride so far this school year and especially with little ones, remote learning has a learning curve (because who are we kidding, if this is the first time going through Pre-K or Kindergarten we have no idea what we’re doing in a normal climate, let alone during a pandemic). I wanted this to be as accessible as possible to everyone, so this list has sites that are either completely free or very low cost. If you’re looking for another easy but creative way to teach your son his ABCs, check out this post! Alright, let’s get right to it!

This cream of the crop learning sites for small kids. Abc Mouse is a subscription-based program but you get a big bang for your monthly buck. The prices generally cost around $9.95 a month but they’re always running sales for new customers. It’s a no advertisement or pop-up platform and kids have a personalized homepage where they can learn at their own pace. It’s engaging and a big hit with the little ones.

Another awesome site geared towards K-3rd grade this site offers free activities as well as a premium paid subscription. For home use, the premium program costs $35 a month. I prefer to just utilize the free options as there is so much to explore in that alone. The program offers adorable ABC activities, reading, math, motion songs, etc. Definitely enough to keep little inquiring minds interested in learning.

This cute little site has activities for kids Pre-K through 8th grade. It offers reading, math, and other interactive games. There is tons of free content however this site does include ads, so in some instances, you do have to watch an ad before being able to view the educational content. Everything is family-friendly but if you’re opposed to watching the pop-ups this site may not be your first pick.

For ages Kindergarten through 7th grade. I love this site because 1. It’s completely free and 2. It was created by a student who wanted to help other kids gain access to resources after he struggled to find educational resources for himself. 

This site offers free resources as well as a premium membership that costs $9.95 a month or $7.50 for 6 months. Honestly, the free version has TONS of activities so it’s well worth a peek. It’s geared towards Pre-K through 6th graders and has cute free printable coloring pages, which is super helpful in occupying little people!

Great resource with games, educational videos and also has free coloring pages!

Has a focus on science-based learning but for kids of all ages. This site is super cool with videos, games, and other interactive activities showcasing all kinds of fun animals and other nature-based subjects. My sons especially love the turtle activities!

Does this one really need an introduction? It’s a staple in our household and provides jokes, hidden picture games, and other interactive activities all for free!

This free site focuses on math but is for all ages. I like that this one has activities and once you complete the task with the correct answers, it increases complexity, so your child can continue growing their number knowledge.

This site offers adorable animated educational videos that are character-based and engaging. It does have a paid membership option but there are plenty of videos offered directly through their site or through Youtube.

A Youtube sensation, Jack offers fun and catchy educational songs that kids can sing along to. He focuses on numbers, the alphabet, letter songs, and nursery rhymes. The songs are engaging, research-based and teacher approved! 

Well mamas, that’s a wrap! Hopefully, this is helpful and eases some of that remote learning stress. Also, check out my post on my best Mom Hacks that will help ease the Mom Exhaustion.  Leave a comment below if you have any other goodies to remote learning sites to share because sharing is caring!

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