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Time Changing Tantrums

My little boys are such rascals. First off, we are dealing with the current time change so there’s that. So this morning my boys woke me up later than usual. Normally our rise and shine time is around 5 am. Today we all got up around 7 (yay right?!) Well… my boys decided to sneak into the cabinet and snatch up some goodies before they came to wake me up, so they rolled in my bedroom singing Jingle Bells while gnawing on a candy cane. My first thought is, “well there are worse things”. Then we proceed to scramble to get ready for daycare which is scheduled for 8 am. So we were cutting it a little closet but my four year old was particularly stinky this morning so bathing was mandatory, there was no skipping today.

Bath time is an ordeal in our home and usually takes about 35-40 mins or so, so I decided a shower would be our best bet time-wise. Boyyyyy was I wrong! My youngest happily hopped in and got all washed up and ready to go. My oldest, on the other hand, fought me tooth and nail to get in the shower, then started screaming throughout the shower, got out and ran into the closet hiding from me, telling me he “didn’t want to go to the waterpark today.” I honestly have no idea where all of that came from but after calmy, and then, not so calmly trying to coerce him out and get him dressed I sat down and just waited for him to snap out of it. It’s all I could do since there was no reasoning with him. And man, is he getting heavy so there was no way I was dragging him out!

He ended up changing his tune after about 10 minutes of this and silly me, thinking the chaos was over, walked out of the bedroom to find my youngest sitting at the counter, dressed with Christmas dinosaur socks pulled up to his knees over his pants and calmly sorting fresh eggs from one container to the other. LUCKILY none of them cracked and fell on the carpet.

Okay, so I dodged a bullet there. I’m good right? Nope, my oldest then had another full-blown meltdown because he was insisting on bringing his spiderman bike helmet to school with him and needed his spiderman sunglasses. I’m talking throw himself on the floor, flailing tantrum over a bike helmet. I decided not to fight this battle and into the car we went, bike helmet and all. At this point we were a good 30 minutes behind, so I waved a flag and headed to our local fast food place for pancakes for the kids, and for me…the largest iced coffee known to man.

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