Great Wolf Lodge Experience


Just kidding, I missed my husband like hell so I was certainly excited to make my way on home with my kids. So we spent four days in the Wisconsin Dells at the Great Wolf Lodge with grandma and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. I do have to say upon arrival we were greeted by a standoffish front desk associate, whom I assume was just having a bad day. She seemed to shake it off by the end of the check in process so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

The lodge itself is like a kids candy coated dreamland. They truly thought of everything. The lobby area is set up like a log cabin with a large animated clock and puppet scene greeting you when you walk in. This is the area that they have daily planned kids activities, a nightly dance party and story time. Off to the side they have a gift shop with it’s fair share of every kind of souvenir you can think of, I mean it even has a Build A Bear in it! The other side of the lobby is a sweet shop that includes every kind of sugary treat that one desires. I’m talking all the goods, ice cream, cotton candy, donuts, even chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles for goodness sake. They do offer pizza or small grab and go healthier snacks if that’s more up your alley. And don’t you worry mama, they also have you covered with Starbucks coffee! There’s also a regular restaurant that serves a plethora of food items, but my personal favorite was the grilled cheese!

We stayed on the first floor which included, what else but an awesome arcade, which my boys quickly became obsessed with. I wasn’t mad at it though because I let my competitive streak come out and let loose on the old school games while my boys rocked out while racing on some Lamborghini and Ducatis (really fast motorcycles). Considering how well they drove in the games I’m pretty sure race car driving was just written into their DNA (lord help me!) Our room had plenty of space for the boys to play and even had a little patio area to sit outside, although I fort knoxed the sliding door so my boys wouldn’t try and play with it the entire trip.

Now to the good stuff, what we were really there for! The water park! It’s an enclosed indoor area that is massive. Three separate sections with plenty of kid friendly activities for toddlers all the way up to teens. My boys personally loved the back area where there was a wave pool and a playground area with stationary jet skis. In the wave pool area, there was a loud howl to warn that the waves were coming and connected to this was a large, more intense slide that we didn’t end up going in. Because of the howl though, my little guy insisted that there was a “monster” stuck inside the slide and had no way out. He and grandma literally stood there for over 30 minutes, patiently waiting for this so called “howling monster” to show his face. Luckily, he eventually got hungry and French fries seemed more exciting.

But there are tons of slides for all levels and the water is pretty shallow across the board which put my mom anxiety at ease. They also provide all different sizes of life vests, towels and life guards who I’m pretty sure take their jobs as seriously as the queen’s guards. Don’t try and talk to them, or make eye contact or get in their way, they may just run you over.

But in all seriousness the Great Wolf was, well, GREAT! I look forward to making this a yearly family trip and so we can continue to make more memories.

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